Auto Lock Garage Doors

Auto Lock Garage Doors

Your garage door is the biggest one on in your home, and as such it plays a very important role in protecting some of your most valuable assets (like vehicles and bikes). Yet despite this many people compromise on or overlook their garage security. With break ins becoming more and more of a problem in the Perth metropolitan area, we’ve started stocking and installing B&D Auto-Locks to keep up with the growing demand for extra garage security and convenience.

How Does It Work?

Each time you close your garage door, the Auto-Lock system deploys a heavy duty both through the guard rail. This helps to prevent thieves from being able to easily force it up and open the door. Best of all this is done automatically and without the need for a key or additional locking procedure, so you can rest assured that your garage will be safe and sound every time you close the door.

What Doors is B&D Auto-Lock Available On?

Auto-Lock comes as standard on B&D Panelift Icon Sectional Doors as is also available as an optional extra on B&D Panelift Sectional Doors and StormShield Sectional Doors.

It can also be installed on many existing garage doors, but must be paired with a compatible B&D Automatic Opener. This can be easily installed by our expert technicians.

If you want to ensure that your garage - and the valuable assets it contains- are as safe as possible then contact us today to arrange your free Auto-Lock Door quote.