Wind Panel™

Wind Panel™

Windpanel™ - Extreme Wind

The B&D Windpanel has been comprehensively designed for use in all cyclone-affected regions throughout Australia.

It has been engineered to the toughest Australian wind standards, and is able to withstand wind speeds of up to 290km/hr.

It is approved for use in cyclone regions including regions C and D. These requirements have been independently tested and certified by NATA-accredited agencies and professionally accredited structural engineers.

The B&D Windpanel derives its additional strength from a complete re-engineering of the entire door structure and through a removable aluminium bracing system which is applied to the door once a cyclone warning is received. An integrated storage system is supplied with the door to ensure that the removable braces are available for use when required.

The door re-engineering was conducted in order to achieve the strongest, most rigid door panel possible. Features on each door panel include reinforced track brackets, additional steel reinforcing struts, additional centre stiles, double end stiles and extended split-pined axles and wheels for all door widths, and additional hinge supports.

The Aluminium Bracing System

  • When a cyclone is imminent, heavy-duty aluminium braces are secured.
  • Up to 4 braces are required depending on the door width and which cyclone region the door is installed.
  • Braces are secured to both the garage (to the floor and the lintel) and to the garage door.
  • Installation process takes under 5 minutes per brace and only requires a screwdriver.
  • Once cyclone passes, the braces are removed, placed in their dedicated B&D-designed storage system.

Door Features

  • Independently tested & certified for use in high wind areas (including Regions C & D)
  • Additional reinforced track brackets – secured every 250mm and constructed of quality galvanized steel
  • Each individual door panel features 2 x steel reinforcing struts – giving each panel enhanced support
  • Additional centre stiles in every panel
  • Double end stiles, extended axles and wheels (which are pinned to prevent movement)
  • The high wind product features heavy duty extruded aluminium braces, above door brackets, floor central mounting point & numerous support fixtures throughout, ensuring the door resists blow in and blow out in cyclone affected regions throughout Australia
  • Springs tested to exceed the ˆAustralian Standard > 20,000 cycles

Product Description

  • Certified for use in all cyclone affected regions
  • Maximum durability & strength
  • Enhanced door reinforcement
  • Independently tested & certified
  • Added protection for your home


Product Features for Wind Door


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