GDO-6v4 Easy Roller Gen 2

GDO-6v4 Easy Roller Gen 2

The essence of smart, simple and secure.

Our new flagship roll-up garage door opener, the GDO-v4 EasyRoller® Gen2 expands on the international standard set by its predecessor. Retaining the proven slimness, technological performance and reliable mechanics, this new opener introduces key technologies including Wireless PE Beam compatibility and LED lighting.

The GDO-v4 EasyRoller® Gen2 takes forward the impressive reputation built by this series over the past decade. Contact us today for more information.


  • Added to this new version is compatibility with Wireless PE Beams Ready, bright white LED lighting, and extra transmitter memory.
  • Still included in the plethora of features is TrioCodeTM, Soft Start/Soft Stop, the ability to fit within as little as 40mm between the door curtain and bracket, and advanced door profiling and obstruction sensing.
  • Also retained is our Easy Access Transmitter, conveniently located on the disengage cord for opening and closing the door from inside your garage.